Luxury Canadian Cooler

There wasn’t always enough room in my refrigerator for the oodles of prosecco that was drunk over the holidays. What was a girl to do? Use the natural Canadian cooler outdoors of course. To keep our bottles cold but not frozen, we put out a large box  lined with my sister’s vintage fur coat then tucked away the bottles of Italian bubbly…It worked like a charm!

Photo: Our Great Canadian Prosecco Cooler outside the house... #HappyNewYear


Time For A Drink

Nothing says holiday celebration more than a well stocked bar. Ok, maybe it’s just me who says that, but it is true.

When Jesus was born the Wise Men said “Mazel Tov” then threw back some rum punch and pretzels…I’m sure I read that somewhere.

The first thing I do when guests come to visit during the Christmas season is to offer a glass of Prosecco. Cold and crisp, it’s the perfect festive drink. As for the bar, I think if you can whip up at least 3 basics like Rum & Coke and 3 cocktails like a lovely Lychee Martini or Caipirinha, then your bar is in good standing.

My parents always had a stocked bar. Chris & Winnie would throw the best New Year’s Eve parties….the 31st of December is also my  Mum’s birthday which made the evening even more special…Food, drink and fun…that’s how they rolled.

 I’ve found a few beautifully stocked bars, just click on the pictures to be transported to the original web pages. Happy Holidays!

Bronson van Wyck's Bar Essential Mixers

Arrowhead Farms Drink Mixes

kathryn greeley interior designer


Magical Mushrooms

Love, love, love Mushrooms. My sister Celia makes the best mushroom risotto. I like to sauté them in garlic and butter and I’m not ashamed to say, I eat it right out of the pan. Portobello, chanterelle, cremini , oyster, white, you name it…yum!

Fresh is best and being a city girl there are few opportunities to walk the woodland; (and I’m not eating the odd-looking mushroom that grows on the dead stump in front of my house). There is another way. Grow your own, easy, peasy and beautiful.

Back To The Roots is one company that makes it possible and it’s available at Loblaws or online.




Me and Marilyn Monroe

Had coffee with a friend at the Marilyn Monroe Café. I wasn’t sure what to expect to tell you the truth.

It could easily have been a gimmicky mess. Instead I found a beautifully decorated, elegant and comfortable space.

While the coffee was excellent and the service came with a smile for me the best bit was the inspired décor. The Marilyn Monroe Café is enveloped in soft white-painted paneled walls, it’s an airy open room, loved the tufted banquet and the beautiful gold geometric hanging light fixtures.

The owners say this about the raison d’être: “Marilyn’s timeless beauty and charismatic persona are the inspiration behind Marilyn Monroe™ Café. To reflect her effortless glamour and appeal, the café provides premium food and beverage offerings showcased in a casual chic setting that Marilyn would be sure to call her favorite café.”

Where can you find Marilyn? Only in Oakville for now but other franchises will no doubt pop up near to you in short order…it’s that good.


Jurassic Corn

While it’s not yet corn on the cob season, these great holders caught my eye.

They are designed by Toronto based firm Imm Living .

Even though the Triceratops and T-Rex holders are in the development stage, they should be available in shops this fall, yes,  just in time for the season’s corn harvest. Yum!


Feast For The Eyes

You can’t eat atmosphere but somehow, great atmosphere can make food taste that much better.

That tasty ‘ je ne sais quoi’ at Aria Ristorante can certainly be attributed to the splendid design and decor. High ceilings, expensive expansive surfaces, bold upholstered banquettes and sculptural lighting are a feast for the senses.  I particularly enjoyed the wine cellar & bottle display.

As for the food, the court of public opinion has had mixed feelings, some people online have gushed about their meals, others called their dishes outright bland. The food critic at Toronto Life Magazine thought Aria’s Italian offerings “exceptional”.  I  just stopped for drinks and an appetizer at the end of the lunch hour rush, the food the drink and my eyes felt good.


2 Aria Ristorante Toronto  600x540 Aria Ristorante   Toronto

3 Aria Ristorante Toronto  600x774 Aria Ristorante   Toronto

6 Aria Ristorante Toronto  600x914 Aria Ristorante   Toronto

4 Aria Ristorante Toronto  600x411 Aria Ristorante   Toronto


Don’t Eat Me

So, you take your delicious BLT to work, right. Put it in the fridge, right. 12:30 comes around, you’re hungry for your yummy sandwich, right. You open the fridge….hell no, say it ain’t so; your lunch has disappeared from the fridge again…that ain’t right!

Perhaps this ingenious sandwich bag will stop the office sandwich thief in their tracks.

It’s a clear bag with splotches of green pigment that look like mould. No one wants to steal a mouldy sandwich, right? Sure it looks gross but desperate times call for desperate measures….right.



Rose and Sons

Let’s start with what I ate.

Patty melt burger-grilled cheese, fried onions, ff, chili mayo …………………………. 15

It’s the 4th item as you read down the lunch menu at Rose and Sons and apparently one of the most popular choices among customers. The reason is obvious..DELISH! The patty is perfectly cooked, the mayo has a nice little tang, cheese, toasted rye bread, remember to ask for the chilli pepper sauce dip as well. Totally yum! I was full but still ate the whole thing; I chose to ignore the calorie count. I paired it with a lovely Riesling.

The restaurant has taken over the space once occupied by Dupont strip institution, People’s Foods. It shut its doors in the summer of 2012 after a half century of slinging 24 hour greasy spoon Greek fare.

Anthony Rose the new proprietor of Rose and Sons was Executive Chef at the Drake Hotel. The space has about 30 seats…most are sharing tables….all are very comfortable indeed.

Rose & Sons 176 Dupont St, Toronto, Ontario M5R 2E6, 647.748.3287

IMG_1359 IMG_1361 IMG_1362 IMG_1363


For Prosecco Lovers

As a lover…a true passionate lover of Prosecco, these are two of the very best.

Prosecco_Spumante_DOC_Extra_Dry Prosecco_Valdobbiadene_DOCG_Spumante_Extra_Dry_Tenuta_SAnnaIf only it came out of my kitchen tap…that would be heaven.