Brushing Up On Space

At only 375 square feet this converted dentist’s office in New York is no bigger than a giant’s molar.

Illustrating again that small can be beautiful, Reddymade Design crafted a studio apartment that cleverly provides function, privacy and elegant living.

After dinner the table is hoisted away.




Don’t Eat Me

So, you take your delicious BLT to work, right. Put it in the fridge, right. 12:30 comes around, you’re hungry for your yummy sandwich, right. You open the fridge….hell no, say it ain’t so; your lunch has disappeared from the fridge again…that ain’t right!

Perhaps this ingenious sandwich bag will stop the office sandwich thief in their tracks.

It’s a clear bag with splotches of green pigment that look like mould. No one wants to steal a mouldy sandwich, right? Sure it looks gross but desperate times call for desperate measures….right.



The Best Bunkie Ever

If you have this bunkie at your cottage please invite me this summer….please.

I’ve slept in bunkies…spider crawling, damp hanging, please-get-me-out-of-here bunkies.

This new design by Ontario company 608 Design shows that guests can be just as happy “slumming it”  in the bunkie, as they would be in the main cottage.



Breathing Wine

To be honest, I can’t get wine down my throat fast enough…from the bottle, to the glass to my mouth in almost one fell swoop. But there are  times when I know that decanting a bottle would do it and me justice.

I have one run of the mill decanter but If I were to own one of these beautiful pieces, perhaps I would give my wine a chance to breath…..(Note to self: find patience.)

Liviana Osti -Heart Carafes

Ridel Mamba Decanter

Uccia Ina by Valentina

Carafe #12 Etienne Meneau

Skruf Rainman Decanter

Rogaska Aurea Duo Decanter




Rose and Sons

Let’s start with what I ate.

Patty melt burger-grilled cheese, fried onions, ff, chili mayo …………………………. 15

It’s the 4th item as you read down the lunch menu at Rose and Sons and apparently one of the most popular choices among customers. The reason is obvious..DELISH! The patty is perfectly cooked, the mayo has a nice little tang, cheese, toasted rye bread, remember to ask for the chilli pepper sauce dip as well. Totally yum! I was full but still ate the whole thing; I chose to ignore the calorie count. I paired it with a lovely Riesling.

The restaurant has taken over the space once occupied by Dupont strip institution, People’s Foods. It shut its doors in the summer of 2012 after a half century of slinging 24 hour greasy spoon Greek fare.

Anthony Rose the new proprietor of Rose and Sons was Executive Chef at the Drake Hotel. The space has about 30 seats…most are sharing tables….all are very comfortable indeed.

Rose & Sons 176 Dupont St, Toronto, Ontario M5R 2E6, 647.748.3287

IMG_1359 IMG_1361 IMG_1362 IMG_1363


A Place for Books

I generally only read books once and to tell you the truth, these days I tend to read books on my iPad. Still, I can’t seem to get rid of my paper, softcover, hardcover books…I even have my copy of The Old Man and the Sea from highschool. The only thing to do is to find ways to store and display them artfully. I’m always looking for the perfect bookshelf or built-in.

Some beautiful ideas:

Book shelf

Bookshelf 2


Icelandic Power Giants

Art+ function= Beauty. What other equation could possible apply when you see these magnificent electricity pylons by Choi + Shine Architects for the Icelandic High-Voltage Electrical Pylon International Design Competition.


It would take only a minor alteration to traditional electric pylons if these giant human forms are chosen as replacements. Instead of being a blight on our landscapes electricity towers could be extraordinary pieces of art.


The figures can be placed in different poses as dictated by the terrain. An elegant way to deliver power across the country.





10 Beautiful Apartments in the Sky

If money is no object…and sadly money always seems to be an object…these are perhaps 10 of the most fabulous apartments in the world.

While my taste always cleave to the modern esthetic, these homes in the sky also show that modern can embrace comfort.

Tribeca duplex penthouseAPK-STUDIO Designed by LecaroliMited Designed by Smith Designs  Architect Richard Hywel Evans of Studio RHE James Carpenter Design Associates Keri-Russell-Brooklyn-home-living-room-Elle-Decor Penthouse in San Francisco penthouse in Shenzhen, China Stockholm penthouse

More of  these Penthouses to come.


Kitchen Ideas

As I begin work on my new house project I seek inspiration everywhere.

These great kitchens would go down like a treat.






Paris Luxe

The Mandarin Oriental Paris could very well be my favorite place to stay in the city.



What’s not to like? A perfect view, some of the biggest rooms and baths.Comfortable spaces…a feast for the eyes.paris-suite-mandarin-royale-suite2


And what the heck..splurge a little …  I mean splurge a lot by eating at the pricey Camila or better still, Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx.





10 Best Cities In The World To Live

Everybody lives somewhere but where are the world’s 10 best cities to live in? Well, the Economist Intelligence Unit global “liveability” study which looks at how “tolerable” it is to live in terms of crime levels, threat of conflict, quality of medical care, levels of censorship, temperature, schools and transport links picked their top 10…Canada, has 3 top spots and Melbourne won the trophy of the best city in the world to live in.

10. Auckland, New Zealand, which scores an overall rating of 95.7 out of 100


9. Perth, Australia (95.9)

perth australia

8. Helsinki, Finland (96.0)

best cities to live in

7. Sydney, Australia (96.1)

best city to live in

6. Adelaide, Australia (96.6)

best cities to live in

5. Calgary, Canada (96.6)

calgary canada

4. Toronto, Canada (97.2)

toronto canada

3. Vancouver, Canada (97.3)

vancouver canada

2. Vienna, Austria (97.4)

vienna austria

1. Melbourne, Australia (the city scores an overall rating of 97.5 out of 100)