Peeping Terese

I’m one of those people who find unmeasured pleasure from a stroll through city neighbourhoods just as the sun goes down. It’s a time when lights are on and most curtains remain open. That’s when you can peek through windows to really see how people have decorated their own homes and live in their spaces.
I walk slowly but not too slow as I don’t want to be mistaken for a prowler.

Maybe one day someone will invite me in





Where do I lodge my complaint about this so called spring? Last year at this time everything was in full bloom here in Toronto, remember?

To console myself  I found these pictures of beautiful blossoms…they will have to keep me inspired until the real ones come.


Fast Food Beauty

I like my Mickey D’s once in a while. Perhaps I would have “two-all-beef- patties-lettuce…etc” more often, if more McDonald’s outlets looked like this one. It recently opened in the European costal town of Batumi in Georgia.

 Gas Station & McDonalds

Designed by architect Giorgi Khmaladze  the glass structure is faceted like a cut diamond. What’s more, while one side of the modern structure houses the restaurant, the other side is a gas station.

Gas Station & McDonalds 2

Gas Station & McDonalds 6 Gas Station & McDonalds 5 Gas Station & McDonalds 4 Gas Station & McDonalds 3


Designer Inspired

One of the magazines that I can’t help but thumb through when I’m at the book shop, the grocery store or sitting in the dentist’s office is Architectural Digest. More often than not, there is something inspirational and aspirational about the people they profile and the interiors they show off. I found a series of pictures devoted to designers own homes on AD’s online site .

AD Designers 1 AD Designers 2 AD Designers 3 AD Designers 4 Sandra Nunnerley AD Designers 5 Todd Alexander AD Designers 6 Daniel Romualdez AD Designers 7 Jorge Elias AD Designers


I Think I’m Seeing Things

No it’s not a bad picture. In fact no amount of squinting will make this tall cabinet any straighter.

It’s the “Good Vibrations Cabinet” by Italian Designer,  Ferruccio Laviani .   It’s a disorienting modern take on classical furniture. This is a rendering but the actual piece will be crafted out of oak and unveiled at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair.

I’ve included pictures of 2 other Laviani creations, he consistently approaches his designs with an usual, smile provoking, twist.

Laviani Good Vibrations


Laviani Whole desk


Glamorous Living

Years ago,  I began feeding my craving for all things design and decor by consuming countless magazines and books on the subject, as well as faithfully watching all of the design shows on the telly.  One of the creative firms that always seemed to stand out when featured was Cecconi Simone

It is a Toronto based interior design company, owned by creative duo Elaine Cecconi and Anna Simone.

What struck me was their eye for a stylish, functional, glamorous way of living. They create beautiful spaces that I believe, absolutely anyone could find themselves at home in. These pictures are from a Yorkville condo that Cecconi Simone got their hands on recently…I wish the keys belonged to me.

Yorkville Penthouse 1

Yorkville Penthouse 2

Yorkville penthouse

Yorkville Penthouse 4

Yorkville Penthouse 5



Feast For The Eyes

You can’t eat atmosphere but somehow, great atmosphere can make food taste that much better.

That tasty ‘ je ne sais quoi’ at Aria Ristorante can certainly be attributed to the splendid design and decor. High ceilings, expensive expansive surfaces, bold upholstered banquettes and sculptural lighting are a feast for the senses.  I particularly enjoyed the wine cellar & bottle display.

As for the food, the court of public opinion has had mixed feelings, some people online have gushed about their meals, others called their dishes outright bland. The food critic at Toronto Life Magazine thought Aria’s Italian offerings “exceptional”.  I  just stopped for drinks and an appetizer at the end of the lunch hour rush, the food the drink and my eyes felt good.


2 Aria Ristorante Toronto  600x540 Aria Ristorante   Toronto

3 Aria Ristorante Toronto  600x774 Aria Ristorante   Toronto

6 Aria Ristorante Toronto  600x914 Aria Ristorante   Toronto

4 Aria Ristorante Toronto  600x411 Aria Ristorante   Toronto


A Dream

A year ago I subscribed to Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Pouring through the pages can transport you to inspired places all over the world…in style of course.  It of course makes you wonder about the ultimate dream vacation.

Well Singita House which overlooks the Serengeti plains in northern Tanzania is a dream indeed.

In addition to the breathtaking vistas; including the waterhole in front of the villa where breeding elephants always stop, there is a swimming pool, a tennis court, spa treatments, a resident chef…need I go on? In my dream I’m sitting there with a drink in my hand and a smile on my face.