Road Trip

I’m not one for camping. I love my city style creature comforts. But if I was planning to venture into the wilderness I think this cute concept RV  by Christian Susana would make getting there and staying there a whole lot sweeter.

The great design enables the smaller vehicle to detach from the camper section, perfect for short excursions.



Not A Screw Up

It could drive a girl to curse bad words.

You know those DIY times fixing something overhead. You’re dangerously perched on a ladder with one foot on the “don’t stand on this step” step. The screw falls and ends up God knows where …. S%#@.

Well, necessity is the mother of this magnetic invention.  MagnoGrip has created this little darling that securely attaches those screws to your wrist. So smart and no swearing needed.


Cabin in the woods

Many Canadians have thought about owning that perfect cabin in the woods.

But there are cabins in the woods and there are CABINS in the woods. My taste runs to the latter.

Who says communing with nature has to be devoid of all the luxuries that make communing with the urban jungle so lovely.

Parra & Edwards Architects created this fab Cabin for a lucky family in Chili.


Passion for Purple

Purple, violet, aubergine, grape, the hue holds a heady space on the colour wheel between red and blue but purple is more than the sum of its parts; it is rich with history and delight.

In both prehistory and through ancient times, purple was always one of the most difficult and most expensive colours to create hence it was  for centuries associated with royalty.

Today it is still a rich and royal colour that can add purpose and strength to any room, but that’s not all.

Here’s something you might not know. A recent British study found that people who have purple bedrooms have the most sex.

You heard me.

Paramours in a purple bedroom had 3.49 intimate encounters a week  compared to inhabitants of gray bedrooms who found passion only 1.80 times a week…His Royal Purpleness, Prince, must have figured it out long ago.

Where’s my paint brush?


Jurassic Corn

While it’s not yet corn on the cob season, these great holders caught my eye.

They are designed by Toronto based firm Imm Living .

Even though the Triceratops and T-Rex holders are in the development stage, they should be available in shops this fall, yes,  just in time for the season’s corn harvest. Yum!