Graffitti or Art?

I hate most graffiti. It upsets me that people can desecrate buildings without thought or remorse. Still, I love street art.

So, where is the contradiction? I think there is a distinct difference between graffiti and “street art”.

French artist OakOak is a pure master at settling that debate. The rationale behind OakOak’s work is beautifying his surroundings.

The pictures below illustrate his artistic interactions with the city of Saint-Etienne “I wanted it to look nicer. It was an industrial city with many coal mines; now it’s in regeneration and still quite poor. But it’s easily travelled by foot with awkward aspects ideal for art. I saw shapes everywhere, and wanted to realise them,” he explains.




More fun with the light on

Turn off the telly, turn on your light.

modern chandelier with mirror effect

This chandelier was conceived by artist group  Hilden Diaz as a light sculpture titled ‘Forms In Nature’ .

Putting the light on a dimmer can  intensify or soften the shadows of gnarled forest, branches and bushes.

Inspired by Darwinist, Ernst Haeckel’s,  drawings, the artists contemplated the real world, underworld and dream world that the sculptural shadows conjure up.

Perhaps some would find the images too intense. I think they are beautiful.


Restored Hardware

Restoration Hardware is one of those stores that just leave you wanting…wanting to buy that is.

In an alternate universe I’ve already told the sales associate, “I’ll take it all” That’s because the restoration Hardware life seems oh so chic, full of comfortable furniture, textured seating, romantic lighting accessories and décor that is alight and alive.

The clever people at the company have upped their game. Restoration Hardware recently opened a 40,ooo square foot masterpiece in Boston’s Historic Museum for Natural History. It’s 4 storeys of livable eye candy ready to be licked, wrapped and transported to lovely homes everywhere..


Level 01

Level 02



Not what you think it is

They really are not what you think they are.

They look like art pieces, right? Well, look again. They are in fact chairs. No, not pictures of chairs but chairs formed from wood and aluminium frames and covered in a printed elasticized fabric. Prop them up on the wall and presto, sit and enjoy.

Designed by YOY a Tokyo based design studio, the “Canvas” chairs, as they’re called, made their debut at this year’s Milan Design Week.



Me and Marilyn Monroe

Had coffee with a friend at the Marilyn Monroe Café. I wasn’t sure what to expect to tell you the truth.

It could easily have been a gimmicky mess. Instead I found a beautifully decorated, elegant and comfortable space.

While the coffee was excellent and the service came with a smile for me the best bit was the inspired décor. The Marilyn Monroe Café is enveloped in soft white-painted paneled walls, it’s an airy open room, loved the tufted banquet and the beautiful gold geometric hanging light fixtures.

The owners say this about the raison d’être: “Marilyn’s timeless beauty and charismatic persona are the inspiration behind Marilyn Monroe™ Café. To reflect her effortless glamour and appeal, the café provides premium food and beverage offerings showcased in a casual chic setting that Marilyn would be sure to call her favorite café.”

Where can you find Marilyn? Only in Oakville for now but other franchises will no doubt pop up near to you in short order…it’s that good.