Slow Down

It’s so easy to let life get in the way of  inspiration. I am so often preoccupied by the stuff of life (most of it mundane) that I often tune out the myriad of things around me that can inspire or simply bring a smile to my face.

I guess you can call this is a ‘slow down and smell the roses’ moment.

Today I slowed down and found this beautiful styled, eclectic apartment in San Sebastian, Spain. Designed thoughtfully by Mikel Irastorza .




My Kind Of Subdivision

You know, It’s not right..

I recently came across pictures of one of the most amazing housing subdivision I’ve ever seen. Sadly, it’s not in the GTA.

This modern housing scheme, comprised of 6 semi-detached dwellings, is in Valencia Spain. Designed by Antonio Altarriba Comes (www.antonioaltarribaarquitecto.com) each unit has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 2 light and airy storeys.

It could be built here in the Toronto area… should be… no reason it isn’t. Sad to say that local developers all too often take the easy road travelled.

How much more difficult is it to create beautiful designs, fresh with enchanted indoor and outdoor living spaces? I think it’s what everyone is after, isn’t it?








Mid-Century Modernist

I’ve got a love hate relationship with Mid-Century modern. Maybe hate is too strong a word.

The problem with the style is that it reminds me of my parent’s basement. When I was a youngster I certainly couldn’t appreciate the formed wood and laminates used in shelving and cabinetry that my parents stored books and records on. My mother’s love of shag rugs, minimalist upholstery and accessories made with colourful plastics and glass, was to me, oh so boring.

Still, I’ve grown up and so has my taste. This mid-century inspired Manhattan apartment by wUNDERground Architecture (http://www.wundergroundnyc.com/main.php) elegantly mixes Mid-Century modern with 21st Century modernism…My parent’s basement was never this beautiful.