From the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes

God I love art. As one of those people who can’t even draw a straight line, I deeply admire the thoughtful creativity and skill of artists.

British Artist Alex Chinneck has the eye. His most recent project is titled FROM THE KNEES OF MY NOSE TO THE BELLY OF MY TOES.

His canvas is a 4 storey townhome in Margate. It appears to be losing its face. The brick, windows, front door, even the lace curtains seem to have simply lost cohesion, detached  from the rest of the house and slipped almost onto the street. The top floor, now exposed, reveals surprising decay. Chinneck told the Guardian newspaper that he loves to play with ideas of distortion and perception.

Eighteen months ago he sent out a wide appeal and was able to enlist the owners of this derelict house to participate in the art installation. The artist says that “Architecture provides a fantastic canvas for sculpture”.

The massive public art piece will be on display until next year, the house will be then turned into apartments.



The Marvel of St Pancras

The last time I was in London my sister and I paid a visit to the British Library, It is the national library of the UK. My sister was doing research, I was along for the ride. That ride of course included taking in the extraordinary architecture and gobbling up great food which London is now known for.

Around the corner from the library is  St Pancras Station. It is in a word, magnificent. To me it embodies the very best in big city redevelopment.

The busy train station designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott has been an important transportation hub for 140 years but the historic Victorian building had fallen on hard times; worn out and worn down. Over the last decade it has been subject to a massive overhaul. While it still serves as a railway station it is also home to a 5 star Marriott hotel with an amazing lobby bar and restaurant as well as residential condominiums and lofts.

Sufficeth to say, after the library we popped into the hotel, had a lovely glass of bubbly, dined on some tasty starters and took the time to feast our eyes.

Lobby, St Pancras Renaissance

Lobby, St Pancras Hotel London

Grand Staircase St Pancras

Junior Suite, St Pancras UK

I found some pictures of one of the open plan residences. It features three bedrooms spread over three levels. It was designed by T G Studio.