Wood, fire heat. This unconventional indoor fireplace makes it as simple as that.

The Spruce Stove is the brain child of Roel de Boer and Michiel Martens, Dutch designers who have taken most of the fuss out of building a real fire. Forget all the chopping and splitting of wood logs. Drag the whole blasted tree in the house and let it burn bit by bit. The tree trunk rests on a wheeled stand which is simply pushed slowly into the cylindrical stove.

Wouldn’t it be amazing in a non traditional apartment, an industrial loft or a modern house in the woods?


A good read ?

I love discovering new magazines.

In fact, it’s such a great pleasure to head to the International Magazine store and leaf through publications that are big and glossy and offer a design perspective that is fresh and foreign. The toll on my credit card is not so fresh mind you.

As I work on my new project, my stack of magazines is like a big airy paper soufflé; always on the rise.


Thank God for those online discoveries.  Residence Magazine is a beautiful publication based in Stockholm.

Attractive pictures that capture a fresh Nordic approach to design, new products, and profiles…love it.

My only problem is that I can’t understand a word of the text.  My translation program is getting a thorough workout. Still, a picture is worth a thousand words.