Wild Ride

When art met furniture in the studio of  Maximo Riera  the Spanish artist unleashed an homage to fauna wild and sea creatures wilder. His statement pieces are chairs formed from sculpted polyurethane plastic on metal frame.

To my eye they are indeed sculptural beauties. Riera, who is perhaps better known for his pop art and photography, says “I wanted to create a strong linkage between the piece, the spectator and the surroundings”. He hit the mark. No doubt the chairs would be the focal point in any room.

While the animals seem to be captured in a state of elegant repose, the price tags are certainly more beastly. They start at about $70,000 dollars.



Not Just For Colouring

Crayola crayons. Every first world child has had them, coloured with them and yes, I admit it, even eaten them…they don’t taste as good as they look.

Still,  Hoang Tran, a young California based artist, looked at his crayons and saw something else;  Darth Vader, cats, foxes, Dr Who,  a bride & groom, even a kraken. The colourful tiny sculptures are crafted by hand and feature iconic images from pop culture. Best of all for burgeoning art collectors like me, they are available for sale on his Etsy site at about $30 a pop.

Great House Sigils of a Game of Thrones carved crayon set




Cat carved crayon

Doctor Who Dalek carved crayon

Star Wars Darth Vader carved crayon


Luxury Canadian Cooler

There wasn’t always enough room in my refrigerator for the oodles of prosecco that was drunk over the holidays. What was a girl to do? Use the natural Canadian cooler outdoors of course. To keep our bottles cold but not frozen, we put out a large box  lined with my sister’s vintage fur coat then tucked away the bottles of Italian bubbly…It worked like a charm!

Photo: Our Great Canadian Prosecco Cooler outside the house... #HappyNewYear