Wish Big: Richmond Reno Pt. 3

It’s not enough to wish, why not wish big?

While the crumbling house that I bought was far from the big and beautiful building I saw myself moving into, reimagined, I knew it could be transformed into something else, something I could call my home.

To that end I started my research, spoke to architects, interviewed some contractors, got some quotes then hired a builder.  I put all of my savings and trust on the line. In August of 2012, the next phase of this new journey began.

Click on the picture below if you’d like to see part 3 of my video digest. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V1Bf5SWNH8)

Richmond St Project


A Clever Drip

Dripping candles are such a…drip. But we humans are such clever-clogs or at least  Benjamin Shine is.

The British Artist/Designer developed an ingenious candleholder called the Rekindle. Just pop a candle on top, as the wax drips it collects below in a clear plastic mold that also contains a fresh wick. The old candle burns down and presto, a new candle is being formed. How cool is that?

While it’s not going to last forever as candles do dissipate, it will certainly Rekindle at least a handful of times.