The House that Terese Built…Almost

I always loved the Ugly Duckling fairytale.  Oh such woe I felt for the sad little grey bird. He was unloved and cast aside by all the others in the farmyard because of his plain looks. So, what a joy it was to read the part, where after a lonely and miserable winter spent by himself, the bird re-emerged in spring a strong and beautiful swan.

That story literally flashed into my mind when I turned the corner and saw this building. Pt 1- 1

It’s a tiny semi detached, 2 storey house on a corner lot, fronting on a main street in a once downtrodden part of Toronto’s Old Town neighbourhood.  Built in a modest 2nd empire style of architecture in the late 1800’s, the building hasn’t been lived in for several years.

Pt 1 -2

It was ugly, not because of its historic style; people know that I love this city’s beautiful old buildings. It was ugly because for too many years it had been unloved; crumbling bricks and mortar, a sinking foundation, rotting wood, broken glass, a tarp even covered a portion of the roof. It was an absolute and total wreck.

I had to have it.

Pt 1 -3

Pt 1-4

Much more to come……



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