What was i thinking

While we all know that change is good, you have to admit that change is not always easy.

I purchased this property in downtown Toronto in May of 2012 at a very turbulent time in my life. My marriage of 17 years was coming to an end, I was selling my family home, issues with our landlord was forcing my business partner and me to close our design store, my niece had developed a very serious illness and my father had recently passed away; Alzheimer disease took his mind then his life but not his spirit.

All I knew was that If my dad were alive and well at the time, he would have seen the house, shook his head and with a big chuckle tell me to ”Run for the hills Ter, it’s too much work.” My mother who is still very much alive would have agreed with him. Nevertheless, what she said to me was, ” What the hell Terese, if you love it, why not take a chance.”  Both of my parents were hard workers who through their lives experienced plenty of turbulence and took many chances in an effort to find a better life for themselves and their family”

So I took a chance.

Click on the picture below to view my first video.

Richmond Reno Video Pt.1

Richmond Reno Video Pt.1



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