Richmond Reno Part 2

Every girl needs options. It is the ultimate kind of freedom.

My options were to stay in a big beautiful house I could no longer afford, start anew in something small and affordable or take on a challenge. I decided to take the challenge. Still, being one of those people who cling to comfort, luxury and familiarity. I was about to get out of my comfort zone….In fact I’m still out of my comfort zone.

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Pt 2


2 thoughts on “Richmond Reno Part 2

  1. It put a smile on my face so I watched it twice. . “After a time is another time”… love it. And love the contractor at the end who was inspired to work with a “dreamer”. Can’t wait to hear more

  2. Terese ….Dear I am sooo jealous of the contractor…..working with you was educational and rewarding on so many levels…..they should pay you…I will be really great…..just Smile and put yourself in what you do! peace and profit to you in all you do…Neigel

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