Far Away From Far Away

It wouldn’t be accurate to say that the Fogo Island Inn is in the middle of nowhere. Actually, it is on the outskirts of nowhere, closer to far away from far away. Fogo Island sits off the north coast of Newfoundland. Flat earth believers say it marked one of the four corners of the earth. They weren’t that wrong, Fogo is one of the most beautiful end of the world places anyone can find anywhere.

The 29 room Fogo Island Inn is perched on a rocky piece of land overlooking the powerful North Atlantic Ocean. The hotel is the brain child of brainy child, Zita Cobb, a high-tech multi millionaire who found success on the mainland only to return off shore with a desire to encourage more people to explore this wild and beautiful island.

Cobb enlisted the design gravitas of fellow Newfoundlander Todd Saunders to craft the modern architectural skin & bones of the award winning Inn. Then she pulled from local artisans to embellish it with bespoke furniture, soft goods and art. Her vision for the retreat was further realized with the return of Newfoundland Chef, Murray McDonald, who created a trendsetting Nordic Canadian menu.

While the floor to ceiling windows offer unrestrained views of the unflinching tides, the building vistas are supported by the Inn’s interior rustic glamour and amenities; wood burning stoves en suite, heated floors, heated towel warmers, heated toilet seats, organic king sized beds, wireless internet, 24 hour room service, even beer brewed with water from a 25,000 year old iceberg. The Inn was featured in the most recent edition of Architectural Digest .